The firm

The firm was founded by Miguelangel Gea in Seville in the year 1977 after 5 years of apprenticeship at the prestigious technical office of Moreno Barberá in Madrid, where he participated in numerous important projects like the University of Kuwait and various competitions that were won in this period.

He’s an architect since 1971 by the University of Navarra and the School of Architecture of Barcelona.

He worked with several architects in various projects and he associated with other professionals during some periods of his career.

At present our company features 16 highly qualified professionals with a wide experience in projects of architecture, urban planning and interior design.

We maintain a continuous collaboration with various internationally renowned consulting engineers for static calculation, MEP engineering, building acoustics, energy efficiency etc. which allows us to design and control all kinds of projects in a coordinated way.

A permanent effort is made to update the know-how of the team, continuously adapting itself to technological changes, new industry standards and construction systems and using modern IT-systems to elaborate and present the projects.

The studio-firm Miguelangel Gea Arquitectos, S.L.P. realises projects of any kind and dimension.

Due to successive requests/orders of different clients it specialised in projects of big tourist resorts.


Technical equipment

Following our strategy of continuous improvement competitiveness is pushing us to always having the best tools at our disposal, which increase our productivity and offer a maximum amount of information to our clients to help them take their decisions and help us to immediately react to any changes.

We work with IT-systems that use BIM-technology (Building Information Modelling) that allows us to integrate the process of design, construction, quantity and cost determination, documentation, presentation and management in one graphical interface.

We have the necessary tools to create images and animations of the buildings in all the phases of the planning process right from the start.

We use digital sketching systems which enable us to transfer our hand drawings directly to the BIM-System.

We administrate our firm through an integrated system that manages all data, time schedules and production costs.

We provide a web server for our clients with a password protected area where they can download the documentation of their projects. This enables us to keep the documentation of our clients and at the construction sites always up-to-date – regardless of their location.


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